Horse Boarding in Apopka, FL



Because We Care

Because we care about the well being of you and your horse, we offer only the best of the best when it comes to feed & hay. Cleanliness is also imperative and plays a key role in keeping your horse healthy and happy. Below is information on the services included when you board your horse with us.

Full Board Schedule

All services listed below are included in the monthly boarding fee $800**

Included Accomodations

Premium quality feed (fed twice daily) 

Premium hay, fed from slow feeder hay nets

Daily grass turn out 

12x12 and 13x13 stalls with oversized attached runs


Fly spraying / Masks

Daily wellness checks

Stalls are picked throughout the day and clean shavings provided 

Routine cleaning of paddocks and pasture

Aisleway and Wash Rack complete with High Velocity fans and electric

Security Cameras throughout property

Gated and secure front entrance

*Additional concierge services available (grooming, tack ups, exercising, etc.)

**Winter months may require more hay to be given as grass goes dormate during this time.  Therefore additional hay will cost extra